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Why Consider Automation?

There are many reasons for automating a process. This could be to reduce labour costs or make up for skills shortages, improved quality and repeatability, increased productivity and capacity or maybe a health and safety issue.  However, it is rarely for just one reason and more than that because any production line will be a key element in the Supply Chain. When looking at introducing automated processes, great care needs to be taken in ensuring that “the right problem” is being solved. We need to stand back and look at the total processes involved. Is the problem a consequence of an earlier stage in the process that should be looked at first? Does the component need to be modified in order to make automation easier and more efficient? Would the component modification be acceptable in terms of selling the end product? In these highly competitive times, manufacturers are under constant pressure to reduce costs and improve the “bottom line” which creates all sorts of stresses. We will never 'know' your business better than you, but an outside view on how to improve your processes can be very beneficial.
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