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A Personal Recommendation

Paul Swann of OPRO says: “When we began our new product development it soon became apparent that we would require some automation to enable us to meet our production levels at a fixed unit cost. Having no experience in automation, being a traditional “hands on” manufacturer, we quickly discovered this to be a highly technical area. Fortunately in our search for a company we came across Design & Automation Solutions and Mick Stallwood. His knowledge and enthusiasm for problem solving with automation is infectious and was our main reason for entrusting his company with our automation project. Mick very quickly understood what was required and produced a comprehensive set of possible solutions from which we eventually arrived at our preferred option. Each solution was elegant in its concept and meticulously thought through as to possible issues with materials and packing design. His contribution to the streamlining of our packing process has been very significant and we frequently call upon his knowledge when considering product developments and designs. Automation is not just an end process, but something that has to be built into the production process from the outset, we have come a long way and owe much of what we have learned to Mick Stallwood.” Paul Swann Laboratory Director OPRO Ltd & OPRO International
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