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LAUNCHING NEW SERVICE WITH DEBUT AT SOUTHERN MANUFACTURING Propelling themselves on to the Southern Manufacturing exhibition scene on stand E275, Design & Automation Solutions (DAS) make their debut by launching a new sub-contract assembly service. The special purpose machinery manufacturer has long been recognised for their high quality, bespoke automated solutions incorporating industry 4.0 processes. Their success has led to a recent relocation to larger premises, enabling a long-held ambition to expand into the sub-contractor sector. Mick Stallwood, Director of DAS says: “Solving problems for manufacturers is in our DNA. We have thrived on our concept to completion ethos, designing innovative solutions for manufacturers across multiple sectors for the past 30 years. We have seen and experienced it all and know that now is the right time to offer this new future-ready assembly service. “Our recent expansion, coupled with Brexit uncertainty offers manufacturers, who might be facing challenges as a consequence of our political landscape, the opportunity to expand manufacturing production with minimum risk. Our inhouse facilities and team of specialists have the compliance, history and infrastructure to offer an assembly sub-contracting service which can reduce overall expenses, increase productivity and expand operations. Stallwood concludes: “We believe we’re quite unique in the UK - to be offering this new sub- contracting service, alongside our established specialist machine manufacturer, delivering security and driving the UK industry forward. British manufacturing is key to our economic success. Its quality cannot be undervalued, internationally or domestically, and we’re proud to be championing innovative design and production solutions for this exceptional industry. Design & Automation Solutions recently designed and delivered an automated pre-stressing machine to European Springs & Pressings, one of the UK’s leading spring and pressing manufacturers. Michael Gibbs, Managing Director of European Springs & Pressings says: “Design & Automotive Solutions dedicated and innovative approach to problem solving for the UK’s manufacturing sector is transformational.”